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About Dr. Chou-Sachdeva


I am a clinical psychologist by trade; a wife, mom, daughter, sister, friend, and an ever evolving spiritual sojourner. 


I was born to and raised by Chinese/Taiwanese immigrants on occupied Ohlone, Tamien, and Muwekma land (SF south and east bay areas), and currently live in the city of San Francisco.  Outside of psychology, I enjoy yoga, ballroom dancing, and learning to cook and make plant-based versions of authentic Chinese and Indian recipes passed down by my family.


As a psychologist, I am committed to helping people, especially Asian Americans and other people of color, heal from (racial, relational, psychological, and/or physical) suffering so that they can live fuller more liberated lives aligned with their true values, self, and life purpose.  My work focuses on helping individuals free themselves from limiting patterns of thinking, being, and relating, and helping couples navigate cultural differences to build clearer communication, deeper connection, and more joy and adventure in their relationship.  I believe that healing of the mind, body, and spirit comes from within ourselves, the communities we create, and the relationships we hold most dear.


I am passionate about providing people of color paths to healing and growth that are centered around their lived experiences, and I am interested in providing individual and couples therapy, consultation, and clinical supervision, as well as participating in training workshops, speaking engagements, webinars, and podcasts.


If you're interested in scheduling a free consultation call with me, please schedule an appointment on my calendar:

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